Friday, May 3, 2013

F'ing WEATHER!!!

Okay, Mutha Nature....we submit!!! We the cycling community have been tapping out for a month now...could we please get a week or two of nice dry weather?!?!?! F**K!!!!

The majority of you, including myself, out there ride trainers in the winter for a few months with the motivating goal of getting outside on a regular basis starting about the beginning of March...well...for some reason Mutha Nature has increased her hatred of cyclists this year and released her wrath several times along with cold, snow, rain, and overall shit conditions to train in with no end in least for the next 5+ days....LAME!!!!!

I'm thinkin if this spring is any indication of what's to come weather wise for the rest of the year...better stock up on mud tires for CX because we're gonna need 'em!!!

Moving on...I did line up for the Bone Bender...I thought I wanted to do this race but not really, after the fact I was looking at the list of races I picked to do and this one had a HUGE quetion mark beside it...the reason for that was after the 2012 version I decided that I wouldn't do that race again, just because it's a brutal place to do battle in the least from my perspective. Riding at Clinton lake is fun, racing at Clinton lake...not so much!!!

I was rolling along okay during this race, I was in 7th outta 28 after 1 in the 40-49 I get to my cooler, reload and convince myself to do another lap. After the first section of single track I pulled the plug...I wasn't having fun and the thought of 12 more miles at Clinton wasn't very appealing and on top of that, at the time thought I was DFL...oh well. I like doing 3 hour races, hell, I liked doing the R.I.M. 6 hour, as a team, but still liked doing it. If the Bone Bender moves to a new venue I will probably line up again...if it's at Clinton lake again...I'm good.

Mutha're a HO!!!