Monday, December 30, 2013

2013 in the rear view mirror....

Let's see...I haven't posted anything for a bit. So an update first...After the GP HPT was the Lost Trail race, this was the beginning of a crappy stretch for me...I scored a DNF...LAME!!!

Next up was the Penn Valley race...when I got to the venue at the usual time I found the course still being set up and ended up helping...this cut into my warm up time which did not help!!! Oh yeah the course was either up or down...not good for say I had a bad day on the bike is an understatement!!! I suffered horribly and pulled the plug for another DNF shortly before I was to be lapped by the machine known as John Jones!

Up next was the Epic holiday race...I finally got back on track and landed on the podium again in 3rd, I had a good ride this day and managed to keep a hard riding Paul Aldeguer at about 10-15 seconds for the entire race...he kept me honest the whole way!!!

And finally, the New Longview race...I was having an okay ride in 2nd and picked up a thorn or something...another effin DNF...I still haven't cleaned my bike and found the culprit...mostly because that was my last race of 2013. I kinda wanted to do the last race of the year but that's not going to happen because my give a damn is in hibernation and I'm good with it.

Moving on...the 2013 season for me was okay, not great but not bad either. Unlike 2012, my give a damn broke in August...I kinda knew it would but was hoping it wouldn't. See the 2012 end of season write up...I guess starting in January and staying focused through December was a bit more than I could handle!! I had a few good rides and managed to get on the podium a few times with one being the top step!! Based on how my training went I was surprised to get on the top step!!

I'm looking forward to 2014 and will probably start with a few early season crits and a mtb race or two...after that it's full on focus for the DK Half again! Beyond that is up in the air for now, but I do plan on racing another full season of CX with a few big races in there, mostly for the experience but also to be in fields more than 20... There's a ton more I could babble on about but won't.

There you go, now you know...2013 is ready to be kicked to the curb and 2014 is poised and ready to being anew!!