Sunday, November 15, 2009

Caffeine induced boredom post...

So it's been a while since I've posted so here's a new one!!! We are now into the off season, which is also cross season. That being said I have been riding more this year than previous years. The main reason is to maintain some fitness and to race in some cross events!!

As I have said before...I go into these races with no expectations, just to have fun and do my best!! Which theses days the fitness and fun factor is a quite a bit below the first cross race I did waaaaaay back in September...stupid MTB race!!!!!

Oh well I'm over it and slowly clawing back some fitness, I know I won't reach the level I was at in September and I'm good with that!! I just want to ease the suffering when I'm out on the cross course!!! So at this point that means one of two things...riding the trainer, or going out with the head light and riding at night...

I did my first night road ride last week and it was interesting!! You loose a lot of sensation of speed, because of the darkness and lack of info from your computer. I ended up riding a bit harder due to this but that's okay!! The way I see it...I needed to do a stronger effort in order to ease the CX suffering!!!

Hmmm...It's raining today and that means no riding outside...BOOOOOOooooo!!! On that note, the Weather Channel has rain in the forecast until Thursday...Mutha Nature is a HO!!!! That means no more riding in the woods either...Oh well...we got a good ride in the jungle...Hmmmm...I guess it's not jungle at this woods on Saturday, and last week at Smithville...We rumbled for 23 miles there, it was SWEET!!!

I think I'm rambling now!! So I'm done, time to ride the freakin trainer...YEA YEA THAT'S GREAT!!!

Racing starts in about 3 and a half months...


  1. Just got my schedule for the next three weeks - lots of trainer time for me! And pool time, and run time.

    I am so ready. Bring it!