Monday, September 27, 2010

Urban assualt...

So yesterday, Sunday, I was supposed to ride gravel with this dirt lovin biker chic I know...that didn't happen, mostly because she had just gotten home from vacation the night before...

So what do we do...we go on a recon mission into downtown K.C. to find the best route for her to start commuting to work on her CX bike. Since we had planned on a gravel ride and I don't have a CX bike I was on my MTB.

We take off on the road from her house, after a wheelie or two I settle down and we spin down the road. About a mile later I'm getting bored and we are rolling through this industrial area that has a sidewalk and tons of stuff to ride on, over and catch air off of.

So what do I do...Start riding the sidewalks, swerving in and out of parking lots at speed and catching air off the was a BLAST!!

On this day I got a huge dose of why I ride...I ride because it makes me feel like a kid everytime. Well this time, I was damn near giddy I was having so much fun, and totally felt like a kid again!!!

IT WAS THE BEST 10 MILE RIDE I'VE DONE IN A LONG TIME!!! It also didn't hurt that company was good too!!

We found a good route to work, rode across the Heart of America bridge over the mighty MO, and just had a kickass time riding!!!

I love riding!!!


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  1. Riding downtown is fun, isn't it? Riding it at night is even better!!

    ...and riding with a pretty girl makes it the best ever!! :)