Sunday, October 23, 2011

Epic Radcross

I hate to say it (not really) but another big blue sky day for CX racing. I'm sure there are people that want cold, crappy, and muddy conditions to race in, but NOT ME!!!

Let's see...I don't remember if it was this morning or yesterday, but I was thinking I need a tight, twisty course with no long high speed sections to level the field a bit. Well today was one of those tracks!!

I managed to pull a 6th in the masters 40+ and this time there was 20 starters. 2 DNF'd, so it will be scored as 18 riders, oh well, I had a good ride today.

I managed to get to the venue with about 45 minutes to get squared away...I don't know where that time went but it wasn't enough. I had enough time to inspect the course, which had 2 sand pits, and 1 set of barriers, and to do one decent effort on a road with a good hill on it, then head to the line and you guessed it...line up DFL in my class...BAH!!!!

As I sit there in my DFL spot, the promoter says we are gonna send all classes at the same time, there was 44 total at that point. I think to myself, hmmm...good thing I didn't show up a minute later otherwise I would really be DFL!!! Starting behind 43 other loonies...That would have sucked IMMENSELY!! Thank you lucky penny!!!

They say go and I get a good start, not too fast but just right. I settle in about 13th-ish going into the first turn...I pass a few here and there on the first lap and find a rhythm that won't kill me.

As it turns out, I'm having a good day, and my pace is just a bit faster than some of the guys that have been putting the screws to me these last few weeks. So I pick one off, he says good job E!! I asked him what's up, he says I'm cramping...I look at the ride time on my computer and a measly 14 minutes of 45 have sucked to be him!!!

I press on, passing a few more here and there slowly gaining on what would eventually be 6th place, I finally make a pass on an uphill concrete sidewalk and drill it!! I slowly but surely increased my gap to something I was sure he wouldn't close.

With that effort, I got within 30 feet or so of the guy in 5th for a while. I would get a little closer on occasion, but for the most part I couldn't get to his wheel. With about a lap and a half to go, 5th stepped it up a little and put more time in. I managed to bring back a little of it going into the last lap, but not enough to really threaten him for the spot. With about a quarter of a lap to go I put it on cruise and finished 6th.

Like I said before, I had a good day on my bike!! The course was twisty and technical enough to afford me an advantage...I'll take it!!



  1. Dude...just buy a cx bike already. i promise you will enjoy it even more than you already (obviously) do. Just admit it already. Cross Friggin rules! buy some good cold weather gloves and 'man' up for the coming 'cx weather' here in a few weeks. Embrace your inner Cross Balls! Mud and Guts, Eric...Mud and Guts!:)


  2. I will probably be looking for a steed to build for next season. I already have the gloves!!