Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring Fling 4

I'm so glad I decided to make the 3rd race in this series the first and not this past weekend...mostly because I think the 4th race was more difficult...and had I started on the 4th it would have been UGLY!!!

So with that in mind here's the tale. This past weekend, I was A LOT more prepared to race and was ready to ride shortly after I signed up for this melee. The good thing about racing the masters race is it's the first race of the day and I'm able to warm up on the course...bonus...no trainer to haul around!!!

With a solid 25-30 minutes of warmup, I'm feelin ok, with the usual race nerves, the time comes to line up. So I roll to the line and get a spot on the front row, this is pretty easy to do in a 25-30 rider field. A short speech from the race official and away we go!!

I hit my pedal on the first try, which is always a good thing, and slot into 2nd place. I sit there for a lap then it's my turn to pull the field. I proceed to maintain the pace of the 1st lap while riding in the gutter anytime I could...after all...if the field wants to follow they will...right?

After about a lap and change of my shenanigans the field was done and the race was on!! Straight to the limit for about 2 laps and then a respite. During the break in the action, a few breaks tried to form but the field would not allow anything to get up the road. So we roll along for a while and finally a 3 man break gets clear. I was thinking it wouldn't last, based on what happened to the earlier attempts. I was wrong.

About 2/3rds of the way through, the pace is pretty much slow...this goes on for 2 laps, and I'm thinkin about giving another go to get across. The pace remained slow and away I went, my effort was not 100% but enough to get a good gap, as I was riding away, I was thinking maybe this would rile the field and get the chase going. I looked back a few times and nothing, I pick up my pace, look again and here they come...

The next 4 laps were 100% chase the break and flat out BRUTAL!! With no success I might add...There was several times that I thought I was going to go completely blind from the pain!!

With 2 to go, the pace relents and everyone take a breather. Going into the last lap, I end up on the wheel of a rider that is in the top 3 overall. He has been riding strong all day and this makes me happy!! I'm thinking this is my wheel and I will fight the mutha f***a who tries to take it.

We are rolling along and the field is getting itchy. The jump finally comes and my "lead out guy" doesn't react...BAH!!! So I jump and the chase is on, we rail around the 4th turn at speed and drag race to the line.

I was about 13th-ish when it began and managed to pick riders off and squeak into 8th with a bike throw at the line...I thought the guy I threw with beat me and I told him I thought he got me...until I saw the pic at the top. Courtesy of THE Lanterne Rouge.

It's not for first but it made me feel good knowing that I didn't quit until the chunky monkey peanut butter ass was beltin out a tune with both lungs!!!


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