Monday, May 28, 2012

Robidoux roundup...

Yesterday was not a good day for me...The heat got to me and I had to pull the plug after 2 of 3 laps...I have to admit I was not a happy racer boy for quite a while after the race and even when I got home it was still eating at me for not finishing. I think the main reason is, I was looking at it like I quit the race...and nobody wants to be a quitter. It's a 100% hollow feeling and I DO NOT LIKE IT!!

I was not happy about this, but it's better than going to pieces out on the trail, having real issues with no relief in site. I finally got some perspective from a long time friend I used to race a ton of MTB with and that was, "it could always be worse"...and that's all it took. I wasn't mad anymore, and I put it behind me. After all, I got to race my MTB. It's what I do. Yes it sucked to not finish but in the grand scheme of things, it's not a big deal.

As for the race, I was having an ok day. The first lap was painfully fast, I think I burned a bit too many matches on that one. On lap 2 I finally settle into a manageable rhythm and start a battle with what would eventually be 4th place in my group.

With about 2 miles to go a sport class rider, who was leading his race, comes up and I let him by. He doesn't immediately go by the guy I was racing with and as I watch over his shoulder, my carrot starts to go away...eventually I say to the sport racer, look, you either have to go faster or let me back by because I'm racing with that guy ahead of you. He does the right thing and let me back by. At this point we are back to doing a lot of climbing and I have to put in a huge effort to get back to my racers wheel...this effort is most likely did me in.

During this charge I started to get the chills, so I back it down to try and recover and this didn't do I spin for a bit and realize that the game is over...SUCK!!!


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