Saturday, September 8, 2012

Counting the days

The 10's of people that read this know that I'm all about CX racing this year. After all, I have a new bike to race on, my training is more or less geared toward racing CX, I have my race schedule all worked out with the first race on September 22 and I'm super stoked about it!!!

That being said...the time, as of late, has been CREEPING by ever so freakin SLOWLY!!! It has been kinda difficult lately to stay focused, but the end is near and the training will shift from weekly self induced beat downs to racing and maintaining what I've built over the last few months.

As of this post there are 14 days between now and lining up for my first CX melee of the season. I gotta stay focused for one more week...MUST STAY FOCUSED!!!


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