Saturday, April 25, 2015

Random thoughts and rants...or something like that...

So again it's been a while since the last post...I guess I haven't had much to tell the 10s of you that read this lately.

Let's back this train up a bit...way back in January I decided to do the DK Half again but not go out and kill myself...after all...I set a goal in 2014 and I reached it. So the reason for doing it again is my long time riding buddy wanted to do it and complete the half for 2015. He rode to the checkpoint last year. So I told him I would ride with him but we are going to average at least 16 mph...That's about 7 hours of ride time, easily me at least...

So I start the march to Emporia about the middle of January and realize soon after that my motivation to train is non-existent. I thought about it and found that reaching my goal last year is the reason for not wanting to get on my bike and do the time. So I ride sparingly through the dark times (January-March). Then one day about 2 weeks before the weather was going to turn nice my give-a-damn came back to me. Since that day I've been pretty consistent with getting good saddle time and my fitness is on track to ride 16 all effing day!!

My buddy on the other hand has been riding but not enough...I was pestering him on a regular basis but as all of you know, you have to want to train. Sometimes that is a huge hurdle and I think it's pretty high for my riding buddy. Eventually I stopped pestering him about riding...we shall see in 35 days what kind of motor he built for the gravel roads of the Flint Hills. A side note...I think it will be windy and hell hot this year. Of course I have thought that every year I've gone to Emporia and the weather and wind has been different the last 4 years...prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

Moving on...The pic at the top is of the Ten Mile Range looking east from Copper Mountain in Colorado. The aforementioned riding buddy and I went for a short ski trip (3 days skiing). I haven't been skiing in the mountains since I was a ski bum...18 years ago...great googily...that was a long time ago!!!

It was a good time and I can still ski like mad man...although...the day I broke out the bomb run skis there was 5ish inches of new snow so making 11s wasn't going to happen...oh well...I'll take freshies any day over bomb runs. But there's something to be said for going as fast as you dare...I like that too!!

Anyway....I could ramble on but I think I'm done for now...I will have a DK report...stay tuned.


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