Thursday, December 29, 2016

2016...don't let the door hit ya!

Courtesy of Roger Harrison

So I planned on writing about my cross race season but obviously that didn't happen. I had an okay cx season, with a couple of good rides but no podiums. In hindsite I think I should have taken another week off after Leadville for the simple fact that I don't think I was fully recovered when I started doing work for a good cross season and I finally rear its ugly head when I went to Tulsa to race the Cyntergy Hurtland race.

I started that race but felt so terrible and felt like I was going so slow that I pulled the plug after a lap and a half...this is not typical for me, quitting that is, and as soon as I got back to my truck I fully regretted's such a bitter pill to swallow...I hate it!

Courtesy of Roger Harrison

Once I got home I briefly thought about doing the 360 race in Lawrence but felt so beat down in general that I called it a season. I felt like shit for the next 3 weeks! If I happen to get in to Leadville again, I did put my name in again, I will take at least 2 weeks off, or at least one completely away from the bike and another week of recovery rides.

Moving I stated I have thrown my name in for Leadville again. The reason is simple, I think I can go faster. Without any reference I more or less stayed within myself to ensure I would finish strong, which as I recall, once at the bottom of the last/first climb (St. Kevins) I went all in and was going flat out, it was nice to be able to do that after 10 hours of riding...I managed to blow by some riders and successfully ride the Boulevard, which is the last bit of technical riding before you get to town. By the way it's big loose rock with no real line to follow...momentum and skill will get you through dab free.

Hopefully I get in again, with that, I hope to get in the Dirty Kanza Half Pint again. 2016 was to be the last ride there but that fell apart and I DNF'd so I will go back in 2017 if I'm lucky enough to get in...

Courtesy of Doug Bolton

Anyway...2016 is in the rear view and I'm looking forward to riding and racing in 2017!


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