Sunday, August 9, 2009

OP crit...

A short story first...I was pinning my number on my jersey when a teammate of mine who lives close to the venue shows up, he has his number in hand and asks me to pin it on...OK I say...As I'm doing this a pterodactyl sized bumble starts to buzz me...I don't dig be stung so I ran like a girl!!! I go back to teammate that's standing there with a look that says...SISSY!!! I'm like whatever dude...

Back to pinning his number...I'm almost done and I see the king bee again for a second and then no more, his number is done and I say to him pull the jersey down to check it, as he does this he puts his hand on the king bee and it stings the piss out of him!!!!

If that's not karma, I don't know what is!!!! On to the race!!!

Today was the OP crit, a race I have done I don't know how many times. Today the field size was 69...Giggety!!!

They say go and we're off!! I stab the pedal first time, which always makes me happy!! I pedal hard a few times and move up close to the front. The first few laps are pretty much a group cluster F**K!!! On the 3rd lap I decide that the pace is too low and pin it for about a lap and a half, fortunately there were other racers that were on the same page with me so the pace remained high for quite a few laps and the field was dwindling because of it!!!

The race rolls on, about a third of the way through the first crash happens...right behind me, so I scream at the guys in front of me to pin it!! We get a small gap for about a lap and it's back together...

The race rolls on, 2 laps to go bombing into the fastest turn on the course at 30+ mph there's another crash...behind me again, so I yell at the guys in front of me to go again, and off we go. We get a rotation started, and that lasted about 1/4 of a mile before a knucklehead screwed it up!!! Shortly after that the riders that were able to get around the crash catch back up.

We roll back around to where the crash was and the course workers are telling us to slow down...which was a good thing and a bad thing...good because it was a break, bad because it was a break for everybody, know what I mean???

So we poke along to the last corner and a rider who ended up 2nd goes to the front and put the pace on KILL for the entire last lap, up the last hill into the last turn I was absolutely DYING!!! I thought to myself going around the last turn I can't go anymore, and that pissed me off!!! So I grab a handful of gears and proceeded to go blind with PAIN to the line!!! I cross the line in 7th, I think I was 12th coming out of the last turn, so I guess I wasn't dying as bad as I felt!!!

On the other hand, after I crossed the line I tried to puke my guts out for the next what felt like an eternity!!!

So I would say I had a good race!!! there's not much if anything I would have done different.

The numbers...we averaged 25.1 mph for 46:30. I averaged 189 bpm and maxed at 199 on the sprint!!

I would like thank the lucky penny I received at the Breakthrough Tour of KC!!! I had a good race and was ahead of the carnage both times!!!!!

Thank you lucky penny!!! You will always be in my gear bag and go to every race until I race no more!!!


  1. Great report and a funny story to boot! That last hill WAS killer - not only going up hill but then you turn into the wind for the sprint. UGH!

    Great work! This season is going well for you and your lucky penny!! :)

    Will we see you in Sedalia in a couple of weeks??

  2. I've not done that race yet...I just might do it this year!!! 6 hours in the woods this weekend!!! That'll be a great story!!!