Friday, August 14, 2009

Rapture in Misery...

The title pretty much speaks for itself!! The Rapture in Misery is a 6/12 hour MTB race, a race that I have participated in twice.

The first melee was of course the 12 hour...I competed in this race on a 3 man team. We had no expectations going in to this race, and we ended up on the podium, 3rd overall in the Supa-fast (expert) class. Not bad for some 12 hour rookies!!!

The second incarnation of this race was a 6 hour 2 man team...I chose the 6 hour for a variety of reasons. Mainly because we couldn't find a third to race with...Gotta have standards!!! One more reason is doing a 12 hour race is about the hardest race I have ever been a part of...hence 6 hours.We did pretty good at this one, we managed 5th overall, not bad.

The Rapture in Misery has been traditionally held at Landahl park, this year it will be held at Crowder State Park up north by Trenton. I love riding and racing here, lots of good fast flowing single track punctuated by some pretty long climbs...good stuff I tell ya!!!

This year I will be racing the 6 hour duo again, I briefly considered the 6 hour solo then I came to my senses!!!

Race report on Sunday...maybe...;) The Gods of Dirt beckon!!!

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