Sunday, September 27, 2009

Pay to play...

I lined up on Saturday and Sunday last weekend and managed to hit the ground twice...One because I'm a knucklehead and I like to show off a bit (this one was the least painful of the two!!!), and the other was on Sunday in an expert MTB race. I was lucky enough...or unlucky I should say, to wad it up on the most technical section of the track. This happened so fast I didn't even have time to put my hand out to try and catch myself!!

What I did was an endo at speed and stop myself with my cheekbone...I was 3rd and having a great race up until this point...I got up, out of the way and watched all of the work that I had just put in go by. I tried to get going again, but sometimes when you bail really hard, the flow you once had is gone and never to return until the next race...which is what happened to me!!! I realized this and rode the next 2 miles out of the woods like I was out on a fun ride...NICE AND SLOW!!!

Fast forward a week...I was planning on doing another cross on the 27th, but hammering myself into the rocks on last Sunday put an end to that, due to a vertebrae in my back between my shoulders that's out of place, making it painful to breath really deep!!! I see a chiropractor in my future because this SUCKS!!!

The title of this post is "Pay to Play"...This means if you play hard enough long enough, you will be asked to pay...Sometimes a little, sometimes a lot...

With any sport, this is the case...I have been pretty fortunate and not had to pay very much in the 14 years I have been riding and racing!! But when I have to it just SUCKS!!! I also know that it's part of racing, and move on eventually!!

Pay to play...if you didn't know about do now!!! Welcome to racing!!!

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