Friday, October 9, 2009

The next step...

It finally happened...I am now a 3...The last time I tried to upgrade was 2003. I did a ton of racing that year, but ultimately not enough...not enough of the right kind of racing I should say!!

As I look back on 2003, I did at least 15 MTB races, about 15 crits, and a couple of TT's just for kicks!!! A lot of racing for anyone!!! It turns out that TT's and slogging it out in the woods don't count towards an upgrade...who knew...I didn't at the time!!!

Today...after being called sandbagger for a half and hour by a teammate, I decided to give it another go...You need 20 points or 25 races as a 4 to move up to a 3. I had 17 points from 4 races, I bet my teammate a dollar that I would be denied...I lost a dollar...

So from this day forward I will race as a 3 or not race!! This means my next CX race will be as a 3...hmmm...stupid peer pressure!!!!

Racing as a 3...Lead, follow, or get the fuck outta the way!!!!!

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