Thursday, April 15, 2010

River trail rumble...

So finally I'M BACK!!! It's about freakin time!!! This past weekend was my first race of the season, I know I talked about racing the spring fling...but between the weather and my motivation telling me I'm number one (the middle finger)and hiding out for a month, the spring fling rolled by without worries!!

Moving on...Over the winter a new promoter of MTB races popped up, so I look at what they have to offer only to find out to race expert I have to carry a FREAKIN LICENSE!!! LAME!!! So I sat and ponderer for a moment...DING...I'll go to the USA cycling website and check it out. As I look around the site, it says I have to have a race resume to upgrade...imagine that...I also find out the last time I carried a license for the woods was 2000.

So I decide to ask the race promoter of the river trail race what I should do. I tell him I've been racing expert since 2001, and didn't have to carry a license due to the race promoters no requiring them. He forwards my dilema to the midwest USA cycling MTB rep. He and I email back and forth a few times and voila...I'm a licensed expert MTBer...At this point I'm thinkin the caliber of racers will be higher due to the license factor...wooo...

On to the race...I ride to the race with a teammate, who has a LEAD FOOT!! Anyway we get there with plenty of time to do everything. We sign up and find out the expert race is 23.5 miles in length, sport is 18.8.

Back to speed racers war wagon to get the bikes ready...bikes ready, we have an hour to sit and get motivated. No worries, I pick the appropriate tunes to get the blood flowing!! I like me some METAL!!!

With about 45 minutes before the gun, we set off for a warm up, which was about 5 miles long and one really good effort on the way back. At this point I'm feeling good, back to the wagon for the final prep.

We head to the start line, listen to the officials for a few minutes, then they start sending the age groups off at whatever interval they decide. My group is called to the line...TWEEEEET!!! Off we go, a flat out drag race to the first turn into the single track...I was 3rd.

At this point I'm content with 3rd, and I ride the 2nd place wheel for 2 1/2 laps. The whole time making mental notes where I'm faster. As I follow this guy I finally realize that he hasn't had a drink of water for 2 I think to myself, if I can pass him when goes for his bottle it's on!!!

A mile or so later he reaches for his bottle and I call left side, make the pass, and put it on kill for the next 2 1/2 laps. At this point every section I came to that I knew I carried more speed, I had it pinned and was railing through the woods!!

As I look back, my bike was dialed in perfectly!! Every turn I leaned in on, I could feel the Truth settle down in the travel and claw it's way around the turns at warp a cat on carpet!!!

At the finish I put 1 minute 40 seconds on 3rd, on the other hand, I waited long enough to make the pass into 2nd that 1st handed me my ass by 7 minutes...oh well, I didn't have any expectations going in so it didn't bother me so much!! All in all it was a good day...I don't think I would have done anything different.

I covered the 23.5 mile distance in 1:33:00, this is good for a 15.2 mph average, with a max of 24.6 mph. The seven minute margin to 1st equates to a 16.1 mph average...BUM!!! The Lead Foot finished 4th in sport by the way.

Up next...Bone Bender...3 hours of solo fun!!!

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  1. SA-WEET!!! Glad you're back on the blog and back to racing. We missed you, friend. :)