Friday, April 23, 2010

Where'd who go....

How to motivate one's self...Mr, Miyagi says...oh weedhooper, you racka disiprin!! I don't lack discipline...I lack motivation.

Let's back up a week...Saturday night before the 3 hour race, my sinuses started draining shortly before I went to bed. Needless to say, I woke up with a GINORMOUS headache. So now only hours before a race that I wanted to do, I'm generally not feeling it...As I get ready to head to leadfoots house, I keep saying to myself listen to your gut...repeatedly.

You all know I did the race, and the whole time I was blasting through the woods I'm thinking I'm gonna be sick on Monday, yet I keep it on kill. Monday rolls around and I feel about half crappy...Half beat up from racing and half crappy from the freakin head cold I now have...Once again I should've listened to the gut...

Now it's Friday and I have only ridden once this week, and that was a recovery ride on Tuesday. Why you ask...I say to you...I left my motivation in Smithville...

Does anyone else find it difficult to get out and ride/train when you feel crappy or is it just me? I'm thinking that my motivation will show up tomorrow, and I will be back on track for the goals I have set for this season. But for now, one more day of being a waste of space is what I'm feeling.

Hello couch!!


  1. I felt like poo on Saturday. So tired. But the work still has to get done, ya know?

    I don't have to tell you that when you are sick, you need to take a break.

    As for motivation, I ask myself, "what is the competition doing today?" NOT taking a day off. I also ask myself, "what would Aubree do?" and that usually pulls me through. :)

    Start your ride. If you still feel crappy after your warm-up, bail and try again tomorrow.

  2. Andrea, I have to say, I'm honored that you would think "what would Aubree do?"...I generally think, "what would Kelly Benjamin do?"...and then I get up and make it happen.

    However besides that, when I just don't feel like it I think about my next race and knowing that if I don't put in the training then it's a waste of time and money...and well, there's the ego issue too...So I generally plan all my races way in advance, so I have something to look forward to and train for and knowing that will help motivate me on those down days..because we all know we have them! HOpe that helps just a smidge! :)

  3. First off...Aubree...ego?!?! Surely you jest!! ;) Second...I'm back on track, and thanks to both of you for the motivation!!!