Saturday, May 29, 2010

A new level...

I have said this before and now I'm saying it again...Missouri is one of the most unfriendly states for cycling EVER!!! This was reaffirmed for me just this morning.

My usual Saturday revolves around "The Saturday Ride" that leaves and finishes at LVCC. Today was no different, it was a nice morning and for the most part a nice day...with one exception.

A teammate and I were on the last section of road before the end of this ride rolling along at least 20mph, more or less riding on the stripe on a road that passes a golf course. In the past, impatient golfers have buzzed me, sped up to get by me only to have to jam on the brakes to make the turn into this goat ranch, and today a new level!!!

My teammate and I were at the most 50 yards away from the goat ranch entrance, rolling at least 20mph. All of the sudden to my right ON THE SHOULDER OF THIS ROAD, an EFFING B***H GOLFER is passing us...That's right...on the shoulder!!! While she's passing us, she's looking at us like we are in the wrong!!! It was so surreal, I actually took a double take...I couldn't believe my eyes!!!

This more or less infuriated me, so I started mother effing and showing her she's number one. I see her turn into the goat ranch a whole 40 or 50 feet ahead of us...and I follow. I'll give the clean version here...I asked her what her problem was and she said we need to ride on the shoulder...I said you passed us on the shoulder and that she should use her brakes and wait a few went on a few seconds get the point.

The thing that got me the most was the pass on the shoulder only to turn in to this place 3 seconds ahead of us...would it have been so bad to wait 10 seconds at the very most and not risk running down 2 cyclists to get to a tee time?!?! I think so but what do I know...I'm a cyclist.

I guess patience is a lost art...and to me, riding around here is only getting more and more dangerous...THAT SUCKS!!! Just thought I would share this was a new level of ridiculous!!!

AHHHHhhhhh.....deep breath....I feel better....Watch out for the stupid people, because they're NOT gonna watch out for you...

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