Friday, May 28, 2010

The ToM and shtuff...

First, I would like to say how much of a JACKASS the gov. of MO (Jay Nixon) is!!! To be the cause of the downfall of one the greatest events in MO is FREAKIN REDICULOUS!!! As I have read the facts being posted FB, the 1 million dollar investment last year netted the state 38 million...Where's the "good reason" to let the ToM die...THERE ISN'T ANY!!!

I have always said that MO is one of the least cycle friendly states EVER!!! This just reaffirms that belief from the top down!!! Jay Nixon is a JACKASS!!!

Moving of late my cycling ritual has been feeling a bit stale. So I decide to change it up a bit by rolling over to the Tuesday night crit. This was a good move on a few levels!! First, it wasn't the same ol same ol...Second, it rained like we needed to build an ark on the route where my usual Tuesday ride rolls...and third...hmmm...I had FUN!!!

I've done the crit a handful of times, and it's been years since the last time. Since the last time, the promoters have made a few changes to make it safer for all racers involved.

Way back when it was one group of all abilities. Now it's 2 seperate races, the A 1,2,3's and the B race 4,5's. Apparently the fields were getting to big and slower riders were crashing and taking out the big dogs...not good!!!

So knowing this, I head over and line up anyway. The race started at 6:30 and was 45 minutes in length. The first time check was 20 minutes to go. At this point I'm thinking that's a long time and I'm kinda dying right now...I punch the little voice inside my head right in the eye, suck it up, and keep on riding!!

For the most part I sat in and rode pretty conservatively, mostly because this was the first time this year doing anything like that on the road machine. Also it was my way of making sure that I had a little gas left in the tank if the really fast guys turned the screws...which they did...a few times...

All in all it was a good experience and I'll probably do it a few more times this year. I don't think it's worth 10 bucks...but for a change of scenery, I'll pay!!

Oh yeah...The first Thursday after this holiday, the Thursday night short track xc racing permitting. Big ringin on the Truth!!! WOOOOHOOOOOooooo...can't wait!!! Another change in scenery!!

I have dirt in my blood...mostly from the diggers in the woods over the years...but anyway.


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