Friday, June 3, 2011

The DK 2011

The Dirty Kanza 200 has been around for a little while and this is the year I give it a go...why, you ask? Why not??

I recall reading the event description for the first edition of this melee and thinking to myself, that's just crazy!! I guess at this point the last of my marbles have finally rolled away...Welcome to the looney bin!!!

I have a goal for this race/ride, and that is to roll 100 miles in 6-7 hours, asses how I'm feeling, and either call it good, or continue on. As I write this, it's more of a bucket list kinda thing and completion is not a high priority so pulling the plug at 100 is probably what will happen.

If I think completion of this event while being competitive is attainable, then there is always next year, but for now I'm just gonna rub my big toe in the gravel to see how it feels...

As of 6:00 am tomorrow I will be spinning through the flint hills of Kansas...


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