Friday, June 26, 2009

Victory is mine!!!

Today is a day that I will never forget!!! I won my race today!!!

The march to this race started about 2 months ago. I heard there was going to be a race REALLY close to home, so I decided to train specifically for that race. I guess whatever I did worked because I crossed the line first!!

On to the race...It was about 95 degrees today, no clouds and an east wind at about 10mph, an east wind...WTF!!! So I get to the venue and register, pin the number on, get dressed and go for a short warm up spin and look at the course.

The course was 1.2 miles in length, with 2 pretty technical turns and the rest were pretty much standard. The warm up is and the rest of the Shacksters get to the line first, which is a good thing, because it was a good sized field of at least 50 riders, probably more!!

GO!! We're off, I get a decent start hitting the pedal on the first try and settling in about 5th or 6th. The 1st lap goes by and I go to the front and push the pace a little, I do this for a couple of laps and a teammate rolls by me to give me a break...WOOHOO!!! He and I sit on the front for a couple more laps and another teammate joins us, just as we head into a prime lap. The pace remains the same and the field is strung out into a long line, we make the turn onto the start finish straight and my teammate takes the prime...YEA YEA THAT'S GREAT!!!

At this point we pick it up another notch and we create a gap, the first time check I heard was 6 seconds, and I think to myself there's no way we are getting away!!! The next one I heard was 12 seconds and about this time another rider bridged across to us. I think to myself SWEET longer break off of the front...we shot him out the back about a lap later...good one less person to sprint at the end!!!

At this point i'm mostly incoherent and thinking to myself when is this going to end!!! The next thing I hear is 6 laps to go. Back to talking to myself...FUCK that's a long time...keep pedaling!!!
We keep the hammer down and before I knew it we have a half a lap left. So as I pull through I say to the Shacksters we are pooling the money and splitting it 3 ways...the right thing to do!! In the end we put a minute on the field.

We come off of the last turn and i'm second wheel and it looked to me that my teammate jumped so I grabbed 2 gears and hammered by him like he had the brakes on to a hands up victory!!!

I have targeted races in the past and not had the success I had today for various reasons, but today was my day, and DID IT EVER FEEL GOOD!!!!


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