Sunday, March 17, 2013

2013 race number 2...

There's not much to write about this one. I will say this, I'm getting tired of putting on every stitch of winter gear I own to ride or race!!! This past Thursday and Friday was a freakin TEASE!! I'll take it though! I was thinking going into this race that I would be going a little better, and as I have thought about yesterday I think I am, again, the results don't show it...oh well...I don't need to be flying right now...C'mon CX!!

Anyway, the field was decent sized, about 25ish in the masters race. At the whistle we take off and the pace goes up for about a 1/4 of a lap and settles down. On the 2nd lap I decide to go to the front and drive, making sure to ride in the gutter when it would make the field suffer. After about a lap and change of being on the front the field got itchy and we were racing...the next few laps had me nearly blind, my legs feeling like LEAD and close to coming unhitched from the field, fortunately the pace relaxed and life was good. I guess the pace was sufficient enough to shuck part of the field...I never looked back to see this damage but I do know we lapped a few small groups.

Moving on, the middle of the race was "normal". After the last prime was contested a small group of 3 riders decided to give it a go to the line. Initially the gap was manageable and I was thinking about going across because it was looking like a winning move, according to my gut, but I decided to watch and this wait and see period 2 different teammates of 2 guys up the road managed to get the field slowed long enough for the gap to become unassailable....LAME!! As I have said before, listen to your gut...IT'S ALWAYS RIGHT!!!!!!

With 3 to go I decided to give the finale a go, I had a good position about 10th or so which I maintained. Coming to the last turn the pace was high, we make the last turn and it's on. I'm following a wheel and when I get enough speed up and come out of the draft, I was greeted by a NASTY head wind and had to tuck back in til I got a little closer, this pretty much sealed my fate for an inside the top 10 finish...I'm not sure where I ended up, but probably about where I started my sprint....11th or 12th...maybe.

Oh well, that's racing and you can't be great every race.


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