Monday, March 4, 2013

It's officially on...

This past Saturday kicked off the 2013 racing season for me. So I headed out to the Spring Fling at Clinton lake in Lawrence to see what sort of fitness I had.

As I look back on the race, it went pretty good, I finished 11th out of 24. It wasn't a really hard race but not an easy one either. I tried to go with a move early on in the race, but the group was not having it. The early move had me suffering pretty good once we got reeled in but I managed to get recovered, so life was good again. I tried to go with another small move at about 5 laps to go and again it was shut down. Between those 2 efforts it was a "normal" crit...if there is such a thing.

After that the race settled down for the last 4 laps. I was in a decent position on the left side of the group about 6 back going into the last lap and maintained it fairly well until the backside. The right side swarmed up and across and I was pinned against the snow and surrounded so I had to wait until the last turn to gun it. I managed to pick off about 4 or 5 riders and was about a half a bike length from a top 10.

I felt pretty good on Saturday, waaaaaaaay better than this time last year!!!! I felt a little short on the top end but overall, I'm happy with how I felt. A better finish would've been nice, but a little tactical error on my part...stupid early season race brain!! Anyway...hmmm...Oh yeah, it's still winter and there's A LOT of racing ahead, so no worries!!


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