Saturday, March 23, 2013

Random stuff and MTB racing...

As you can tell by the by the picture above, I have a new frame and fork. When I was pondering what color of new steed, I was thinking about an all black model which has a very cool "stealth" look to it, but decided on this color scheme instead, mostly because I have two black carbon bikes and didn't want another.

I got it put together the other day and of course the weather is going to be CRAP for the foreseeable future and when it does clear up the roads will be shit again because of the impending snowpocalypse...thanks Mutha Nature...HO!!!

Moving on...Tomorrow is supposed to be the 1st MTB race of the of right now I haven't decided if I'm going...that's gonna be a game day decision. The great determining factor will be how much freakin snow is on the ground and how F'D up the roads are...I'm not too concerned with the course conditions as I will be racing my CX machine...which should be an advantage...maybe...

Winter in the middle of the country can go away ANYTIME NOW!!!


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