Monday, October 28, 2013

2013 Boss Cross 1and 2

Courtesy of my girlie!

Boss Cross 1...

The above pic kinda speaks for itself, but it really doesn't tell the tale. There's not much to say...I had an okay ride and had a decent amount of luck on this day. Oh yeah...and I forgot my freakin bibs!!! Fortunately my girl likes me enough to drop what she was doing and bring me a pair, thanks babe!! Like I said...LUCK!!!

After the Cross Out Cancer race I saw a video of the first lap of that race posted here It was then I realized I needed to ease back a bit after the start and not try to ride away like I have a motor...

Courtesy of Roger Harrison

On to the race...with the new mindset at the start line I get a good start and slot into 3rd wheel while we drag race to the first section of grass. I stay with the lead 2 thinking there were riders behind me, but no, at the first tree was a quick chicane to get around said tree...there was 2 potential lines, the most direct had you bunny hop a root and the smooth "easy line" was to skirt around the root with speed. Apparently the rider in 4th hit the root at speed and flipped in front of the rest of the field bringing it to a halt creating a HUGE GAP to 4th!! The race was now between me, Tyler Hennson, and Scott Stevens. It pays to get good starts!!

Tyler is riding well these days and on the hill he gapped us and set worries...I will fight it out with Scott. After the barriers, which were on the hill, Scott goes to remount and totally blows it and takes a dirt sample. I go by and drill it to the sand pit and created a good size gap for myself. Scott chased for a lap and then pulled the plug on the race...I asked him after the race what happened and it turns out he was sick and probably shouldn't have raced. That sucks I was looking forward to doing battle with him...oh well he'll be back and we shall race again!!

With Tyler gone and a huge gap to 3rd all I had to do was keep the rubber side down and time trail to a 2nd place finish.

My girlie cam pic.

Boss Cross 2...

Again...the pic speaks for itself. The course on Sunday was GREAT!! I thought it flowed well with a good mix of technical and power sections.

On to the race...At the gun I slot into 2nd behind Josh Taylor until we get to the barriers that were right after a 180 degree turn which meant you were starting the dismount before the turn. Josh starts his dismount and proceeds to take a dirt sample...yep, he fell over...So I go by, run the barriers and start driving the pace a little.

I didn't wanna drill it yet, we were only 3 minutes in. I think when Josh falls, his bike bounces back to its wheels and rolls down the course, slowly, patiently waiting for him to's crazy...he was back to my wheel straight away!!

Anyway, I push the pace a little more and create a gap...I think to myself, man it's early in the race...surely he will ride back to me....I'm feeling good today, screw it keep going!! So I keep the pressure on and the gap gets bigger.

The great Roger Harrison once again!!

About 3 laps in Josh has been overtaken by Doug Stone and my gap starts to shrink a little...damn this mid race bad patch!!! I see this and it's time to dig!!!

Now that I'm going blind my gap is growing again so I keep on keeping on riding smooth, hitting the marks in the turns and it pays off with a clean set of wheel to the line!!

I love racing my bike!!!


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