Tuesday, October 8, 2013

360 Cup 2013

Courtesy of Foto Matt Cunningham

This past weekend was the 360 Cup and for this year I had decided to race both Saturday and Sunday, mainly because I like the venue and I had a good race there in 2012 so why not!! I gotta admit, I was a little nervous going into this weekend and I think it was due to my fitness not being where it was this time last year, that being said I have been out doing what I'm supposed to be doing to get it to come around...and based on the results...I think I'm on the right track!

I wanted to make sure I got a front row spot so I registered online...those racers got called up first! I didn't really know how big the masters field was and I didn't really care, I just wanted to get a good start...which I did! The new starting technique works well!!

Courtesy of Roger "The Great" Harrison

GO!! I take off hitting the pedal on the first try and ride as fast as the guy next to me...we were shoulder to shoulder heading to a small bridge so I grab a gear and proceed to get there first. Not long after this, the eventual winner and 2nd place go by me...I latch on to 2nd and keep him close for a couple of laps but eventually lost contact. At this point my efforts produced a gap of about 10 seconds to 4th, Josh Taylor...he managed to keep this gap pretty steady for the next 3-ish laps it was about this time where he decided to push the front wheel and go down...I gotta say it was pretty cool seeing his front wheel throwing roost as he was going down...this gave me a little more breathing room, very little!!! I was starting to go blind!! Thanks Josh!!!

Courtesy of Roger "The Great" Harrison

I'm thinkin he bounced off the ground and landed on his bike at speed because the next time I saw him he was maybe 3 seconds further back...D'OH!!! Back to the gas for the next 3 laps...he kept me honest fo sho....which is good....I didn't really need to ease up for that long. I was riding the barriers until about halfway through the race...I cased the rear and came to a stop...I ran them the rest of the race after that I made sure to hit the my marks and kept it clean to the line for a solid 3rd.

Courtesy of Foto Matt Cunningham

Day 2

All pics Courtesy of Roger "The Great" Harrison

What to say....I had a better race, but ended up on the same step as Saturday...3rd! Once again I got a stellar start and lead to the first turn...the hole shot is crucial some days...not so much here. Once again John Jones came by shortly after a sidewalk section and I decided to try to hang on to this freight train and I did for a while...I think I surprised him a little because he kept looking back and I was still there but it wouldn't last.

He started to inch away here and there and I made a couple of small mistakes...oh well this effort had me in 2nd with a good gap to 3rd...this too would not last.

I kept the hammer down and managed to defend my position fairly well...that is til I started to go blind...my gap dwindled quickly and before I knew it I was in 4th. When 2nd and 3rd rolled by they immediately created a gap of about 5-8 seconds...it was time to ride into hell. For the next half lap I turned myself inside out and got back to the wheel of 3rd....unfortunately 2nd had already set sail...

As we turn into the first "technical" section I am on his wheel. As we get to the barriers, we both dismount and this is where 3rd came unglued. I ran the barriers and I'm pretty sure he walked. I remount and drill it creating a gap he would never close...and this is how the race ended.

The weekend was good overall and I'm glad I dug deep to get my spot back on Sunday.


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