Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Oakley Night Cap CX

I heard about this race from John Jones at the 360 Cup a few weeks ago and didn't give it much thought...about a week later I saw the flyer and decided it was a race I needed to do.

Fast forward to the week leading up to this race...I caught some freakin ICK and managed to ride 30 minutes the entire week...I was not happy!!! The Saturday of the race I still felt about half beat up. I had decided I was going sick or not...I would either come back and be "healthy" or be right back where I was...EFF IT!!

The course had A LOT of turns that were linked together by a 3 long straights, 2 of which were head wind...did I mention the wind was HOWLING!!!! Anyway, I looked at this course a different way this time...as in where can I rest and where do I need to be on the gas. Looking at it this way, there were 3 sections of turns/switchbacks where you could rest and between theses sections were the long straights where if you weren't on the gas you got shucked!!

On to the race...I asked the official about 30 minutes til the gun if they were gonna do call ups, he said no...no worries I just need to be at the line early...I got there 15 minutes early and was on the front row!! A minute or 2 later and I would've been in the back of 25-ish in my race...NO DFL FOR ME!!!

Right before the gun the official say all classes are starting together...I was shocked at this move, because the start chute was narrow and there was 50-60 total masters racers in that chute, but no worries for me cuz I'm on the front row!!!

GO!! I get another great start, thank you very much Mr. Jeremy Powers for sharing your awesome start technique!!! I slot in to 5th and quickly realize that being off the bike for a week is gong to make this SUCK!!! I hang on to the lead group for the first lap and had to wave goodbye...I was dying!!
I rode in no mans land for about a lap before the second group of 4 caught me...I raced with these guys for about 3 laps before my lack of fitness struck again...slowly but surely they rode away from me...

Now in 10th I put my head down and try to go fast...eventually this has me reeling in one of the racers that was shot out of the second group...with 3 to go I get back to his wheel and this is where I stay. He would gap me a little on the straights but I would close it down in the turns...everyone can pedal but not everyone can RIDE!!

On the last lap I was going blind and eventually he gapped me and I couldn't get it back...I finished 10th out of 23 officially. I was happy with that effort and had I not gotten sick and been off the bike for a week I think I could have battled for a top 5 or better.

I think it was a good thing to get out of my comfort zone and race adn this was a good one to do that at!! I think I will give it a go again next year!

BOSS CROSS up next!!



  1. Good seeing you in Des Moines and nice work on half a lung! Looking forward to a little race video from you

  2. Thanks John! The video is in the works and I will shoot you a link when it's up.