Sunday, March 16, 2014

Spring fling 2...2014

Courtesy of Roger Harrison

I planned on doing a couple of early season crits this year and this past Saturday was my second race of the year. The goal of these races was to build fitness and have fun...well as much fun as one can have suffering! Since the weather has changed for the "better" I have gotten some decent riding/training in so I felt pretty good going into this melee.

Anyway...the race was pretty hard, we averaged at least 25 mph and lots of attacks went up the road at an all to frequent occurrence!! From the gun team Evoke from Oklahoma, who had 4 rider in the field, attacked...the pic above is of the first lap and I'm trying to keep the Evoke rider from riding took nearly 3 laps for the field to bring him soon as we did, either one of his teammates or someone else jumped. I managed to jump across to a few small in particular, I think, had a good shot at staying away for a bit but the rotation never got organized and we were quickly swept up by the field.

As the race went on so did the about 3 to go my lack of fitness was finally taking it's toll...I was holding on for dear life. With about a half lap to go I blew up into a bazillion itty bitty pieces and more or less rolled across the line.

I'm pretty happy with how I rode and probably wouldn't have done anything different. It's March and I don't have any real racing agenda til CX season...this race is just one of the many stepping stones to there.


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