Thursday, May 28, 2009

Karmic Retribution

I am a firm believer in karmic retribution...Most of the time I run my mouth and talk shit for fun and usually don't mean anything by it!! Well...karma is a fickle BITCH, and sometimes she feels the need to remind me she's listening. Might take a second or it might take a lifetime...No matter how long, karma will get you!!!

For instance...A friend of mine is a HUGE FAN of the Egg McMuffin, so I took it upon myself to tell her that I was going to get one and just basically rub it in!! No big deal, i've done it before and will probably do it again!!! So I dole out the ration of padoobie, eat down my Egg McMuffin and head home to go for a ride...HOORAY!!!

Fast forward about an hour...I'm just about ready to go, gotta pump up the tires still. I grab my pump and hook it on the valve, up to 120psi, go to pull the pump head off of the valve..and the valve comes with it...insta flat, gotta change the tube...

So I change it, finish getting ready, then send a text retracting all statements made towards her regarding Egg McMuffins...Karma!!!

I said once and I will say it again, karma will get you...Might take a second...might take a lifetime, but she will exact herself on you!!!

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