Sunday, May 17, 2009

Race review...

So I got up at 5:00am to go racing today. I didn't sleep very well at all...thinking about racing I suppose. It's funny, the races i've gone to and not slept very well the night before, I usually do pretty good. Today was no exception...

So we get there, sign up, change, and go for a little warm up spin...luckily we decide to ride a couple of miles on the start finish road...It ends up being a good thing...The big red, white, and blue flag marked the finish line...More on that later. The race ended up being 66 miles, I lined up with 4 other Bike Shack racers in a field of 33.

Go!!! We're off, cruising along at about 30 mph with a little tail wind, no big deal. About a half an hour later the attacks start coming, 4 or 5 go up the road and are brought back pretty quickly. It settles down for a few minutes, then another attack goes, one guy from the shack is in this group of 4. We let it get out there pretty far, and I decide to try to bridge across, I attacked on a small hill and get a gap quickly...HOORAY!!! I beat myself blind to get across, I get about 2/3rds of the way across and run out of gas...BOOOO!!! Oh well, I got a man in the break, time for others to take hold and is good.

Well that lasted all of about 3 minutes, the other 3 riders were so strong they shot my man out the back...Time to work again, so for the next 30 miles me and my teammates and a couple others go to the front and proceed to kill it to bring this break back...never happened...They got away and stayed away.

Lap number 2...was pretty uneventful, more or less a fast group ride with some of the leaches finally putting their faces into the wind...BITCHES!!!

Okay, back to the start finish. We finally make the turn onto the finish straight, and have about 5 miles to go. At this point I have been sitting in for the last 15-18 miles, I didn't care anymore, I busted my ass for at least 30 miles so FUCK EM!!! Any way we're about 1 1/2 miles from the finish hill and the road is arrow straight, so you can see it.

We are now at the 1 k to go marker, the pace is picking up. the group is rolling along at about 26 mph now. the final attack is launched, 5 guys and myself are getting after the finish line. The 1st guy blows up into a million bitty pieces, guys 2-5 sprint to the 200 meters to line...they sit up because they thought they were done, and I go blowing by like they had the brakes on all the way to the flag, and take 4th!! WOOOOHOOOO!!!!! Not a win but I will take it anyday!!!

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