Friday, May 29, 2009


I have just realized that most of my topics come to me when i'm out riding by myself...more time to think about everything...

As i was riding along and letting my mind wander, I heard the wind blowing past my ears...I don't use an ipod or anything of the sort, mainly because of stupid drivers that refuse to give more than an inch...FUCKERS!!! That's a different topic altogether. Anyway, so I got to thinking about my favorite sounds, I have a few that are my absolute favs, again...another topic...;) But the wind blowing past my ears as I move along is one of them!!

I found that I like this sound when I was a ski bum in Colorado. I was doing some early morning bomb runs on the corduroy and was going 70ish mph, just before I started to slow down I heard the wind blastin past my ears and it was as loud as thunder!!! It was the coolest thing I think I have ever heard!!

If you care to experience this, there are a few ways to get there, 1. is to go skiing and make 11's (go straight) and 2. is to stick your head out the window of a moving vehicle at 70, you will be amazed at how loud the wind is!!!

One of my favorite sounds is the wind...

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