Friday, May 22, 2009

The Stanley Cup

If you're not a fan of hockey, you probably rode the short bus to school!!

I think I have always liked hockey, but since i've lived in a state (Colorado) that has the NHL, and watched it on a regular basis...I LOVE ME SOME HOCKEY!!!

Let's look at this...It's generally a fast paced game, they get to smash each other in to plexi-glass and wood walls...not sure about the wood part...anyhoo, they get to beat the HELL out of each other with bare knuckles whenever the players feel it necessary, and the playoffs consist of at least 5 games!!! A lot of the time 7!!!

So I ask you...How can anyone not like hockey...?!?! Someday in the not too distant future K.C. will have another minor league team...Praise the gods of blood on the ice!!!! You know i'll be there as much as I can handle!!

If that goes well maybe someday the NHL will give us a team, and we will be able to go to a Stanley Cup play off game or 3...and maybe just maybe the Stanley Cup will be hoisted over a K.C. teams head!!!


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